How to use API?

Below is a csv file where you can find a list of all teams and their unique id. All you have to do is save this file to the database and use this id when calling the team logo. 3 different sizes are also available for logos. You can specify this in the parameters.

API Usage

You can use api link in img tag or background-img of any html elements.

API Link :[key]&size=[size]&tid=[team_id]

  • key - You need to register to get api key. You can find your api key on your dashboard.
  • size - It is the size parameter of logo. There are 3 options : small, medium, big
  • tid - Team Id. Please find team ids on the team list document on the below.

You must specify a domain for your key. You can change your domain on your dashboard. Please write your domain like "". Don't use http or https, and any subfolder. Use 'mobileapp' as a domain name for mobile applications.


<img src="/api?key=9c2a8f30aff64ce0a9e5a2b4f5827d31&size=small&tid=234888"/>


<img src="/api?key=9c2a8f30aff64ce0a9e5a2b4f5827d31&size=medium&tid=234888"/>


<img src="/api?key=9c2a8f30aff64ce0a9e5a2b4f5827d31&size=big&tid=234888"/>


<img src="/api?key=9c2a8f30aff64ce0a9e5a2b4f5827d31&size=big&tid=2677"/>

<img src="/api?key=9c2a8f30aff64ce0a9e5a2b4f5827d31&size=big&tid=77889"/>

<img src="/api?key=9c2a8f30aff64ce0a9e5a2b4f5827d31&size=big&tid=77897"/>

Sports Clubs List

You can find all clubs of each sports and team ids


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